Spot Lighting some of Today's Noteworthy Artists
Nino De Simone

"Sculpting in clay, iron or painting acrylic on canvas: Nino De Simone's work is always exciting, provoking ones emotions."
Joseph De Matteo

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Nahid Hagigat

Nahid Hagigat creates paintings that combine Western and Eastern motifs, evoking her history.. click
Walter E. Peterson

In Walter Peterson's work, whether portrait or landscape, I feel a connection to the subject.  His portraits seem to introduce me to the person; the detail or lack of detail in the background enhances the person.  I find this with the animal and pet pieces as well.  The pet's personality comes out so well.
   His Caribbean landscapes are wonderful.  I can feel the sea breeze and smell the salty air; they make me want to dial up my travel agent.
Joseph De Matteo
Soosan Ghaem-magham



Mixing graphic design with her magical characters, Soosan Ghaem-magham's paintings carries you to an enchanted world.

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