Walter E. Peterson
Painter of Life
Fine Art Portraiture, Originals and Limited Editions

Acclaimed portrait artist Walter Peterson has extensively studied the works of several famous painters and portraitists over the years such as J.H. Sanden, D. Leffel, and M. Baumgaertner. However the world renowned Nelson Shanks remains his favorite portraitist, and it's his palette and technique that he appreciates the most. Countless hours of honing his skills have brought his work to its current level, and Walter continues to push the envelope of realism, striving to make his subjects appear as lifelike as possible. Regularly he spends ten to twelve hours a day, six days a week in his studio. Yes, one could say he is obsessed with his painting! Although he is adept at portraying all ages, his children are looked upon in a special light, full of personality and vitality. Capturing the innocence of youth in his realistic style allows the artist to accentuate the delicate qualities of the little ones, with the end result portraying a wonderful likeness, and their true essence conveyed.

Walter E. Peterson

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"Portraits by Walter Peterson inspire a connection to the subject in me.  His portraits seem to introduce me to the person; the detail or lack of detail in the background enhances the personality of the individual.  You can see this in his children portraits.  While each child is on his best behavior, looking closely you can see their personality in the way Walter portrays them.  This is one reason why he would rather meet the subject rather than only work off a photograph.  I find this with the animal and pet pieces as well; the pet's personality comes is right there to see."

I'm Interested in a portrait

I'm Interested in a portrait

"A painting of your beloved pet by one of the premier portrait artists that I know." JDM

"Walter's work is absolutely compelling; he paints something of the essence of his subject onto the canvas.  While the internet graphics give you a glimpse into the wonder of these paintings, they fall far short of the rich beauty of the actual work.  If you have an interest in commissioning Mr. Peterson go to his website: http://painteroflife.com/  ."  Joseph De Matteo

About Giclée prints

A Giclée (zhee-clay) is a French term, in this case meaning "spray of ink", using an special Iris Ink Jet printer on watercolor paper or canvas, producing vibrant replicas of original works of art.   They have the appearance and the feel of the original painting.  The depth of color and the clarity achieved in the purity of color make the reproductions exceptional. From the artist’s point of view this is by far the very best reproduction possible!

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